what is a lay bet

What is a Lay Bet?

what is a lay betLay betting has left some sports fans confused as what the term actually means and in mainstream online sports betting it’s quite a new way of placing a wager. In order to place a lay bet you need to join a betting exchange system such as Betfair or the new Ladbrokes Exchange.

These types of betting websites make their money by taking commission off the winning bets and when you lay a bet on the exchange you are betting on an event not to happen – in other words to lose.

It’s quite weird concept to get used to, betting on something not to happen but there are professional sports gamblers who make their money by only betting on events not to happen, horses to lose a race or football teams not to win.

It is a very common type of bet in the horse racing world, racing experts will often bet on the favourite not to win the race if they think there is a good chance that another horse could do better or if the going of the ground has suddenly changed – race fans who attend race meetings live have the best chances of being successful when it comes to lay betting as the little changes can make all the difference.

Lay betting works with fans betting against each other creating the betting markets, let’s demonstrate how a lay bet works with two examples.

Champions League Match – Dortmund vs Arsenal
In this game which was a tight UEFA Champions’ League group match, Dortmund were hot favourites to win but Arsenal were on a great run themselves, coming off a 2-0 win at home to Liverpool in the Premier League so there was a reasonable chance that the Gunners could come away with at least a draw and when you consider that both teams are very good technicians who can keep the ball for long periods then by “laying on Dortmund” (home team not winning) that you would win if Arsenal secured at least a draw. As it happened the gunners secured an impressive away victory so the layers would have won this bet.

ATP Finals Tennis Match – David Ferrer v Tomas Berdych
In this game Ferrer was the marginal favourite but he had played some grueling games in the run up to this match and if you watched the game from the beginning it was quite clear that this tough Spaniard was struggling with his back.

The 1st set was even but Berdych eventually won the first set 6-4 and the match – so it would of been a good time a lay on Ferrer in the first set with the best time during the period where the number of games were equal giving you better odds. Watching in play events often give you the best chance of winning lay bets because you can sense changes in patterns of play.

Lay betting is an exciting way of becoming better at securing more profits on a consistent basis – try it today and if nothing else it makes a nice change from normal sports betting.