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There are some really good special offers for sports fans. Check out the latest deals for all the best online bookmakers such as Betfair, SkyBet, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Coral, Paddy Power and more.

Betfred Totally Free Bet Offer

betfred free betBetfred totally free bet offer: Betfred sports betting have introduced a 100% free betting offer for new customers. They are not the first betting website to do this as SkyBet already have this offer running but if you do not have a Betfred account then sign up today and get your free £10 bonus deposited into your account.

How to turn £10 into £50 with a free bet offer?
Bookies offers are only good if you can win more money in order to consolidate your betting account. The trick with a free bet no deposit offer is to carefully analyze the betting markets and by using your specialist sporting knowledge try and build up your betting pot to a reasonable amount – how you do this is dependent on which sports you are expert at and have decent strike rate.

The best bets to place on are competitive matches or games with teams or players that are just hitting good form. Try not to bet on a direct win, a double chance bet (pays out if you draw or win) can help build your initial £10 free bet into something bigger but it is slow and requires a great deal of patience.

Your free bet no deposit targets could be Heineken Cup rugby matches, Champions’ League group stages football matches are ripe for double chance winning bets, especially if the match is tied at half time. You do not get many draws in rugby so maybe a draw no bet would be better.

Other safe betting markets include cards. Bookies are not stupid and if there is a hotly contested derby match on at the weekend then the over’s for cards is likely to be much higher but if the game is on TV try and watch it and look to place at half time. Most cards are dished out when one team is losing and there is less than 30 mins in the a game.

The winning team will look to time waste and give away silly free kicks and the losing team will be more desperate to score increasing the odds of more cards. The referee also plays an integral role in the cards markets. check out the betting website resource page for our special link on refs.

The number one reason why betting accounts end up losing is that sports fans do not stay disciplined. Pick a match for that day and look for to get an edge in one of the markets.

£10 Free Bet No Deposit

£10 Free Bet No DepositFor some people trying out a new service before they commit is a good way of experiencing something new without having to pay out in the first place.

Sports fans who are thinking of opening an online betting account look for the best deals and naturally this leads them to search for free bet offers including the coveted £10 free bet no deposit required.

Betting sites are very keen for you sign up with them and although this type of free bet is quite hard to get it is not impossible. You must be careful when looking for free bets online that you don’t get fooled by the matched bet offers – these still require you to deposit money into your account and some people argue that this is not 100% free.

These types of bets are called free bonus bets and some sites like stagger the offer – so on the surface it may look like a great deal by offering up to £250 in free bets, but you would have pay into your account a large amount of cash to qualify and with strict rules on withdrawing free matched money it is the canny sports fan who looks for pure 100% free bet offers.

Which online bookmakers currently offer a totally free £10 bet? SkyBet have a good offer where they give you £5 every week for a year, brilliant for football fans who like to back their own team every Saturday. and Coral also have a free bet offer but changes from week to week so it best to check their official special offer pages to find out if there are any 100% free bet offers on display.

At this present time SkyBet seem to be the only website offering a free £10 bet. Conditions will apply and you will probably need to bet through this £10 at least 3 times before you can withdraw it back into your PayPal or bank account.

How best to turn £10 into more money

One of the best ways of making the best use of your free £10 is to pick a sport you feel you are an expert on. Maybe you have been supporting a team for a long time who love a certain sport such as tennis, football or cricket?

After deciding on a sport, select a match this is competitive in nature. You really do not want to be betting on friendly, meaningless sporting events as these can be unrealistic and throw up odd results. Look for data driven websites that can help you plan – yes of course sports betting has some luck attached to it but there is no harm in looking at hard data and making a decision based on this information.

If a team is scoring lots of goals away from home and the team that is playing at home let’s quite a few in then maybe going for over 2.5 goals market would be a reasonable choice?

In a tennis match, the early rounds are where the shocks are so place a bet on better players to win at around round 2 or 3. Simple research can help turn your totally free £10 bet into £20, £30 or even more.

Betfair Promo Code

Betfair Promo is the betting exchange website that features live sports, online casino, poker, bingo, slots and arcade games for over 18s to play. This sports betting site is slightly different to others because they are really a betting exchange where fans or members bet against each other. Betfair are always running speacial offers and deals and you can get a Betfair promo code from various outlets which entitles to a free £25 bet on most occasions.

If you log on to the official website there are some interesting features that members can enjoy by signing up. Firstly they offer guaranteed odds and it is widely accepted that Betfair offer the most value when it comes to live in-play betting. From live football, horse racing, rugby, cricket and tennis there is always a live inplay event to bet on and you could use one of the working Betfair promotional codes to get your betting account topped up even further.

The best place to find good codes for Betfair is to search online or access the Betfair Twitter feed. Usually there will be an introductory offer for new customers that comes in the form of a free bet . A Betfair no deposit required free bet are rare but with pressure being put on to offer better new account offers it will only be a matter of time before Betfair introduce a 100% free bet where you just sign up to receive £5, £10 or £25 as free betting money.

The website has a dedicated promotions section where you can see the latest live offers and money back specials. At the moment they are running money back refund on losing bets for the football market, but in the summer months you could expect to see tennis or cricket money back deals.

You can download the Betfair app for iPhone or Andriod devices and bet in play while you watch sport on TV. This is a growing market and there are even live streams show casing some of the best sports such as NBA basketball, Bundesliga football and IPL cricket. There is always something to watch so why not sign up to Betfair and see what they have to offer?

You can use PayPal, visa, Moneybookers or Neteller to fund your account and all winnings simply can be withdrawn at a click of a button. There is usually a minimum deposit level of around £10 for PayPal and £5 for bank card deposits but these are subject to change.

Betfair offers the extra ability for sports fans to “lay” a bet. This means you can bet on something not to happen, for example you could a lay a bet on horse number 7. This would be betting on that horse not to win – some of these bets are popular in the football markets too where an injury ravaged squad might find it difficult to win, so you would “lay” on that team.

A top class service that provides good customers service and some of the best online betting offers in the UK – grab your Betfair promo code today.

Bet365 Promo Code

Bet365 Promo is a leading sports betting website that is one of the biggest in the UK. You have seen the TV adverts featuring Ray Winston during the breaks on sports events such as Sky Sports football or Champions League football on ITV. Is there a Bet365 promo code you can use in order to get extra free money to bet with?

With Bet365 they usually promote their sports betting with a free offer code that includes up to £250 in free bets so therefore it can be difficult to locate a promotional code that can be submitted on sign up. They do however offer free offer codes to members who use their betting website on a regular service as reward for using their betting service.

What happens is that they email you an alert direct to your inbox and message you via your account to let you know that there is a pending code to be cashed in. These codes are long numbers and usually have a value of £5 or £10. Not bad for a totally free bet and this offer is quite common among the big betting websites such as Betfair, Bet365 and SkyBet.

If you are a new customer and are looking for the best deal that Bet365 has to offer then sometimes they do publish special promo codes inside newspapers and magazines or in order to promote their social profile issue codes on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Check out Bet365 on Twitter and on Facebook. Clever advertising campaigns that feature live updated odds often have small print underneath with an exclusive offer code attached, look out for these ads on TV.

The live streaming service is one of the best and you can watch live sports via mobile or tablet and offer a really good way of getting full value for money, just log in and choose which match/event you would like to watch, the quality of the stream will largely depend on your internet speed. These are complimentary services and you could use a free bet voucher code for this purpose. Be careful going to websites offering free codes such as voucher sites as they are notoriously bad for just re-redirecting users via affiliated links.

Finding Bet365 Promo Codes

The best way is to first look via official channels, as previously mentioned, Facebook and Twitter is a great place to start, other than that you could try the Bet365 website itself. Big sporting events like FA Cup finals, Wimbledon final and Cheltenham Gold Cup acts like a big sports betting website face off where the big boys slug it out by offering free codes, free betting offers and promotional deals in the hope of attracting new players.

A code will provide you with a bonus amount of money such as £5 or £10. This is then applied to your betting account when you sign up and can run on top of other offers to give you a reasonable starting fund for you to try out online sports betting.