Beat the Bookies

Beat the Bookie

Although online sports betting has a large element of luck attached to it where there is a chance for every possible outcome there are people who make a living from betting. These are called professional sports punters and some are even millionaires who use complex software, gut instinct and years of experience to make good profits against the bookie.

But how does the regular guy with limited funds beat the bookie? There are ways to increase your chances of sustaining a winning run, after all most people who bet online will tell you that often they go through winning streaks and losing streaks with not much in between so to reduce the times you endure losing streaks there must be a clear betting strategy in place in order for you to maximise profits and win most bets placed.

Beat the BookiesIf you look online you will see various methods on how to beat the bookmaker at their own game, be careful as most websites will want you to sign up to a premium betting phone line service or subscribe to expensive membership sites that offer nothing for your money.

The best way to make sure you win more than you lose to plan an effective betting strategy and there are free ways to do this. Follow the below list for the best chance to win more money while betting.

Remember to check the bookies that offer a no deposit free bet to get your betting off to a flying start.

1. Stay Disciplined – Don’t bet on every live event during the day, always try to carry out your research 24 hours before the sporting fixture. There are many good sports preview sites that can give insider information before the event starts – pay attention to team news, injuries and current form before selecting a betting market.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media – These days you can access breaking news quicker on Twitter than anywhere else so make a free account and “follow” the official accounts of your teams/players and also fan sites, journalists and people who are in the know.

3. Don’t Chase Bets – If you lose a bet then don’t panic, everyone loses bets but we are here to make sure you turn a long term profit not short term quick gains so don’t place bets in order to win back a losing bet, it’s the quickest way to lose all money.

4. Join User Groups/Forums – There are many people who like to share information to others, provide free betting tips and like to take part in active discussions about “hot tips” or their own “bet of the day”. Search online for the best betting forums in the UK and read up as much as you can from the leading forum posters.

5. Subscribe to Good Blogs – There are brilliant free betting blogs published online that have updated information and super picks on not only the most popular sports like soccer, tennis, rugby and cricket but also minority sports like handball and volleyball. You can get ahead of the bookies with better knowledge by subscribing to blogs via rss or email updates.

By using your specialist knowledge in the world of sport you can definitely beat the bookie. Stay clear from paid for websites and spread good karma by helping other people you will be surprised on how much you get back by giving just a little. Good luck in beating the bookies!